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How much does this service cost?

Unlike many other tax rebate companies we do not take 49% of your rebate.

We require no payment in advance and our 30% fee (minimum £30 fee) is deducted from your tax rebate cheque.
(No cheque - no fee).

What happens if you receive a tax rebate worth over £1,000?

Every month we have several teachers who receive tax rebates of over £1,000.

These teachers have paid too much tax as a result of an incorrect tax code.

Highest amount that we have recovered so far for a teacher is £8,400.

Please be aware that many of our competitors will charge a percentage on the total of your rebate - it may result in you paying thousands.

We only charge a fee on the first £1,000 - there is no fee on any additional amounts.

What happens if you receive a tax rebate of £30 or less?

In the unlikely event that you were to receive a cheque that is £30 or less this amount would be retained as a contribution to administration costs.

Usually when no cheque or a cheque for a small amount is received from HM Revenue & Customs it is because an allowance for professional fees and subscriptions has already been included in your tax code.

You would still benefit from any increase your tax free allowance and the future reduction in your tax liability.

A teacher paying 20% tax would save between £45 - £60 per year.
Senior teachers paying 40% tax would save approximately £150 per year.

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"I found the service from SRS teachers to be excellent from start to finish. The process was simple and totally efficient. When i needed to ring, there were no automated messages, only friendly people who answered my questions. I received £319.61 without doing any form filling or searching for past payments. First Class!"
Mr M Johns, Teacher, East Durham College
"It was very easy to secure a tax rebate. I made a phone call and gave some personal details. In a few days I received some forms which required signatures and six weeks later received a tax rebate for £240.93. I would advise all teachers to avail of this service"
Mrs D Walsh, Teacher, Belfast
"A professional service that is so simple and user friendly that it would be daft not to contact SRS."
Mr L Stoodley, Teacher, Kent
"A great service! Not only did SRS refund my expected overpaid tax on union subscriptions, they also sorted out my rather complicated tax records so that my final payment (less their very modest fee) was MUCH more than I expected. I would recommend SRS to anyone wanting to receive a repayment of overpaid tax."
Ms S Mills, Merrill College, Derby,
Received over £1,000
"Thank you for your excellent service. I found your company to be extremely professional and helpful in assisting me in reclaiming my tax rebate - it was a quick and easy process. Thanks once again."
Mr S Fullelove, Assistant Principal,
Oasis Academy: Limeside

Teachers are entitled to claim a tax rebate on their professional fees

Teachers are entitled to claim a tax rebate on their professional fees
0161 370 6555
0161 370 6555
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